IOTA stores transactions using a direct acyclic chart. As this is a distributed ledger that does not use a blockchain, users do not need to remove tokens to ensure blockchain integrity. When users issue a new transaction, they must provide proof of work and approve two previous transactions. IOTA allows you to make microtransactions because it allows you to make transactions without commissions.

IOTA token 

There are 2,779,530,283,283,277,761 IOTA stamps that are stored in the IOTA wallet. Holders of IOTA can issue the tokens or access them via a crypto money wallet. They can also use a hardware wallet to keep their credentials offline while performing transactions. The IOTA crypto currency is known as MIOTA and is traded on digital currency exchanges such as Bitfinex.

The IOTA network – The Tangle 

The tangle is a direct acyclic chart that allows a large number of transactions. The information contained therein cannot be destroyed or manipulated. Tangle offers several advantages. One of them is that it doesn’t need miners. Each transaction must first process two previous transactions before being accepted by IOTA. 

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Proof of work required to process transactions consumes very little power, so any device can do the job. Users don’t need to maintain network integrity, so they don’t have to worry about the fees associated with mining. The Tangle can process each transaction separately, so it can accommodate a large number of devices.  

IOTA also uses Quantum Proof, which uses hash-based signatures that are faster than ECC or elliptic curve encryption. Hash-based signatures reduce the complexity of the tangle network.

Why invest in IOTA

IOTA is the first digital currency used by a DAG to process transactions. If successful, IOTA will be the first in this field. The first traders will receive the greatest rewards. IOTA has an active community of users who are always ready to praise the value of the cryptocurrency.  

They are the ones most likely to keep their assets. This could help reduce any loss in value of the cryptocurrency, as the community does not participate in profit taking.

Why you shouldn’t invest in IOTA

IOTA has been criticized for launching its own cryptography, which is extremely risky because most cryptography goes through months or years of testing before being used. Using untested cryptography is risky, especially if it has to be used on a network dealing with financial transactions.   

The success of the IOTA also depends on the predictions about the success of the IoT industry. The Internet of Things has many security risks. If the predictions come true, IOTA will need the right conditions to be successful.  

How can you buy IOTA?  

If you have decided to invest in IOTA, you can get it by exchanging it for other digital currencies through an exchange, for example there is . 

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