Dogecoin versus Ethereum:

Comparison of evolution

Since the first cryptocurrency was created and made available to the public, the revolutionary blockchain technology of digital currency and everything related to it, has inspired the creation of hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

One of these cryptocurrencies is Dogecoin, this nice coin was developed by its creators to lessen the seriousness of cryptocurrency competition and was supposed to be an alternative to the more serious and business atmosphere of other cryptocurrencies. This altcoin with a Shiba Inu meme for a logo later became a legitimate cryptocurrency thanks to its support community.

The creation of the dogecoin can be thought of as an evolution of digital money to break the status quo of the cryptocurrency world. Its purpose is the digital money transfer between people, albeit in a jovial way, which makes Dogecoin special.

Another possible evolution in the use of blockchain technology is the creation of Ethereum, which gave the world of cryptocurrency a dimension of its being that is very difficult to ignore.

Simply defined, Ethereum is public software that uses blockchain technology and allows individuals to develop and launch decentralized applications. Its purpose is not to transfer digital money, but to maximize blockchain technology to be applied not only to transfer cryptocurrencies but for other purposes as well.

Is there really a competition between Dogecoin and Ethereum? 

There was really no competition between the two. Although they both use blockchain technology, their respective purposes are different.

The evolution of Dogecoin changed the way people viewed digital money. Dogecoin has appealed to the fun and good-natured side of people to connect with others who use Dogecoin. This connection was on a social or personal level. An example would be people giving advice to other people who use Dogecoin, following a funny post or useful information. Its community, whose members call themselves Shibes, promotes charity by promoting Dogecoin among themselves and outside their community as well.

The evolution of Ethereum has changed the way we see the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has moved beyond its initial use of transferring digital money to anything, and anything developers can think of. Now, developers will have no difficulty building their own blockchains or databases online because Ethereum allows them to use their own blockchain to build decentralized applications with real-world use.

Decentralized means that the blockchain is not kept in a single storage but in different devices, computers and servers around the world. The result will be a highly secure and readily available database that cannot be changed or removed by anyone. 

Ethereum has taken blockchain technology to a new level. Try to imagine this instead …

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